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What is colloidal silver?

As manufacturers of colloidal silver, we have extensive knowledge of this product. Colloidal silver is a colloid made up of high-purity, electrically-charged silver nanoparticles which measure between 5nm and 100nm, and are suspended in purified and distilled water.

It is possible for these silver particles to be suspended in this water thanks to their electrical charge. They reflect and diffract the light, which causes the solution to have a certain colour.

Characteristics of colloidal silver

A series of fundamental characteristics mean that colloidal silver can be described as colloidal. The first of these characteristics is that silver nanoparticles measure between 5nm and 100nm. The second characteristic is that the electrical charge of these silver nanoparticles is identical, so they can repel each other and be able to remain suspended in their medium.

Particles of colloidal silver vary in colour depending on their concentration and the size of the silver particles present. If the silver particles are closer to the colloidal limit of 5nm, the solution tends to be yellow in colour, whereas if the particles are close to 100nm, they are reddish-grey in colour.

Manufacturers of colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is manufactured through a process of electrolysis. This process is used to separate the different elements. A direct current is applied by electrodes connected to a power source and immersed in the solution.

This solution is continuously oxygenated, keeping the colloidal silver in motion. In the end, the silver particles that are generated are electrically charged, and as they have the same charge they repel each other, which causes them to remain suspended in the solution.

The water used to manufacture colloidal silver is subjected to a reverse osmosis process. This process is one of the most recognised and internationally-used technologies in the treatment of water for human consumption, due to its high degree of purity, and it manages to eliminate contaminants from the water.

Uses of colloidal silver

A supplier of colloidal silver is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of colloidal silver, and this has been happening for many years.

Before 1938, colloidal silver already had over 95 registered uses. Some of the best known were the treatment of tonsillitis, whooping cough, colds, gonorrhoea, haemorrhoids, streptococcal infections, meningitis, etc.

Nowadays, manufacturers of colloidal silver use it to treat the same diseases but without the need for a medical prescription.

In the United States, for example, it is sold and used as a mineral supplement, as the FDA decided some time ago to remove the drug status of colloidal silver.

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